Made With Love

CALAFIA is a space born of pure love.

Love for where we are from, where we are, and where we can go together.


The name CALAFIA  is inspired by the legend of Queen Calafia, an Amazon Warrior Queen who ruled a beautiful island at the edge of the world where the women were warriors decked in gold. She is often depicted as the ‘spirit of California’ representing a bountiful sun kissed paradise. Representing beauty, courage and adventure, the tale of Calafia has come to the shores of Lake Kivu.


Two rogue Californians enamored with Rwanda, were inspired to bring a slice of West Coast café culture to the Western Border, mixing traditions and cultures to create truly unique offerings and ambiance.


Since then, the community of ‘Calafians’ has grown bringing in new flavours and ideas, yet keeping true to the cozy, sunny, haven of happiness CALAFIA has always been.


We value beauty, community, quality service and a sense of fun and adventure. We grow our own ingredients, source amazing coffee grown right here in Rwanda, build up our staff team and community, offer the most tasty things we can come up with, and make everyone love Gisenyi as much as we do.


In short, CALAFIA is everything we and our community want it to be. So come join us! You’re already home when you feel love.